Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Violent Crimes
-Aggravated Assault
-Assault w a deadly weapon
-Negligent Homicide
-Misconducting involving a weapon

Drug Crimes
-Medical Marijuana
-Drug Possession
-Drug Trafficking
-Drug Transportation
-Solicitation to Possess Drugs
-Attempted solicitation to possess drugs
-Drug Smuggling

Other Crimes:
-Sex Crimes
-Juvenile Crimes
-DUI Defense
-Aggravated DUI
-Extreme DUI
-Super Extreme DUI
-Domestic Violence
-Criminal Damage
-Gang Related Crimes
-Human Trafficking
-CPS and DCS Allegations
-Probation Violations

Driving Crimes
-Driving on Suspended License
-Criminal speeding
-Aggressive driving
-Driving on Suspended License
-Driving w/out a license

Federal Crimes:
-Drug Violations
-Immigration Law Violations
-Mail Fraud
-Wire Fraud
-Bank Robbery
-Gun Offenses
-Child Pornography
-Id Theft
-Bank Fraud
-Bankruptcy Fraud
-Money Laundering
-Antitrust Violations
-Federal property crimes

Theft Crimes
-Credit Card Fraud
-ID Theft
-Other theft Crimes
-Armed Robbery

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