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I was able to save my drivers license!!
I had been pulled over without a reason and was given field sobriety test and a breathalyzer on the spot after I was pulled over by the Mesa police department. I passed everything. I was told they need to take my blood. I thought this was excessive, I mean I passed all the DUI tests why should I have to give my blood? I hadn’t broken any laws and there was. I reason for the Mesa cops to suspect me of being impaired while I was driving my car. Because I refused to give my blood I was now facing having my driver's license suspended for a year. I hired this DUI attorney in Mesa office and was able to make sure I didn’t lose my license. So happy I found them.
Terry Clemson | MESA, AZ
The thought of failing to protect my kids, and losing my ability to provide...
I didn’t have any real emotional problem or issues with my divorce. I can’t really say that about the child custody side of things. Staying emotionally sturdy through the child custody batter I found to be super difficult. The thought of failing to protect my kids, and losing my ability to provide them with what they need to succeed in life has been incredibly exhausting. My divorce lawyer really helped me to keep putting one foot in front of the other through what turned into a long battle because my ex wanted a 50/50 parenting plan so she could get out of paying any kind of support. I knew this was going to be an issue and I knew this would have been very bad for the kids. My team of lawyers protected my kids with every tool at their disposal and it's made such a difference. I suggest you give them a call as I did.
Linda Chapin | MESA, AZ
Not only did he help me recover from my injuries he helped me get an AWESOME SETTLEMENT.
I was in a car accident and didn't really want to hire an attorney. My previous experience with lawyers was not the best, and I just figured they were all the same. After getting pushed around by the other driver's insurance company I finally realized that I had better go see if I could find a good car accident attorney in Mesa (where I live). I was referred to Hogle Injury Law and I spoke with Chris. He was totally different than I had previously experienced in the past with personal injury attorneys. Chris helped me find doctors and physical therapy close to my house. Not only did he help me recover from my injuries he helped me get an AWESOME SETTLEMENT. I am so happy I used this car accident attorney. They really took care of me.
Sally Sageran | MESA, AZ
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