Federal Defense
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The successful defense of a federal investigation or prosecution requires an attorney who understands the federal criminal justice system, from the agencies that conduct the investigations, to the United States Attorney’s Office, to the District and Circuit Courts in which the cases are heard. The attorneys at The Hogle Law Firm and Canyon State Law have represented individuals under investigation and prosecution in federal court throughout the United States. We have the experience and expertise necessary to aggressively defend the charges against you.

Federal investigations and prosecutions can be particularly frightening. The United States government has almost unlimited resources and time to conduct their investigations, and many federal charges have mandatory minimum prison terms. The United States Sentencing Guidelines can be confusing to many. The federal system operates completely differently from most state prosecutions and requires a completely different expertise.

Our attorneys understand federal prosecutions and are well prepared to formulate a winning strategy in a federal investigation or prosecution. Whether in a District Court in Arizona or throughout the United States, we have the knowledge and experience to successfully represent those facing a federal investigation or prosecution.

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