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Strong criminal defense no matter what charge you face

When you’ve been accused of a crime, you can’t afford to leave anything up to chance. Prosecutors take criminal charges very seriously and will not hesitate to go after you or a loved one with everything they can and will seek the maximum punishment they are allowed under Arizona Law. You need an experienced attorney to fight for your case.

Even the smallest of criminal charges can make a huge impact on your life. If you’re convicted, you’ll be faced with having a criminal record for the rest of your life. Everyday activities such as getting a job or a being approved for a loan can become a big challenge. The best option is always to avoid any criminal charges at all. As Arizona Criminal Defense Attorneys, we work hard to formulate a plan to get you the best result, allowing you to move on with your life.

get the legal help you need & deserve to fight your criminal charges

Some people may feel like they don’t need a criminal attorney due to the charges that they are facing seem minor and don’t carry much of a punishment. Thinking this way is a mistake.

AZ Criminal Justice Attorneys and DUI Defense LawyersEven if you are just facing a low-level misdemeanor charge, there will be consequences today and in the future – and even the minor-sounding offenses are often worse than you think. Maybe you “escape” with community service and fines or simply having to take a class that is designed to prevent you from repeating the behavior. For many people, these charges are still going to end up impacting their lives in meaningful ways. The most experienced criminal attorneys know how to get the best possible outcome and keep your record clean.

Getting charged criminally is bad enough, and may create a strain on you and your friends, family members, and coworkers. But if you end up being convicted, you’re going to carry a criminal record around with you for the rest of your life. That is something that will make all kinds of things that you take for granted harder, including finding housing, securing a loan, and getting a job.

No matter what type of criminal charge you are facing, you need to work with an experienced criminal attorney to make sure that you receive the best possible outcome.

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3 important reasons to hire an attorney with a histroy of success
Lawyers who are not as good at negotiating a favorable plea won't be able to get your charges reduced or dropped before the trial begins. Skill in this area can get you a good deal while keeping you from ever having to go to trial.
Lawyers without courtroom confidence and success may end up deciding to take a deal that favors the prosecution just to avoid going to trial.
Lawyers without courtroom experience may not know how to use facts and evidence to your advantage that may help sway a judge or jury in your favor.
We’re here to protect the rights ofthe people of Arizona – people like you

Only an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney can think as a prosecutor to best anticipate the government’s strategy and formulate the right plan, at the right time to defeat it. The criminal attorneys at The Hogle Firm have served for over a decade as a criminal justice attorney and they use that experience and insight daily to defend his clients in Mesa and throughout Arizona in a way that few other lawyers can. As one of the most experienced Mesa criminal defense attorney Mr. Hogle understands every aspect of the criminal justice system in Arizona, and it’s suburbs such as Gilbert, Tempe, Chandler, Apache Junction, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Queen Creek, and others.

Dana Hogle AZ Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyer in AZArizona criminal defense lawyer Dana Hogle has been protecting the rights of people in Arizona just like you for over a decade, so he can fight the battles with the prosecutors with experience, knowledge, wisdom and a keen intellect. Even when going up against the full power of the Mesa or Arizona government, you can be sure that the criminal defense attorneys at The Hogle Firm, won’t back down from any fight. They will instead use all of their tools they’ve developed for over a decade to fight tenaciously for your rights and try to get the charges against you reduced or best case, dropped altogether.

When your back is against the wall, this kind of experience and knowledge is invaluable, and the lawyers at The Hogle Firm are not afraid to use it to make sure that your represented and will be protected, that way you get the best possible outcome in your criminal case. If you ask any lawyer they will tell you that fighting a legal battle in court is one of the hardest and most challenging aspects of practicing law. The only way you become one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Mesa is by experience. Our attorneys care deeply about each and every client they defend and are never satisfied with average results.

Being skilled at negotiating with Arizona prosecutors is about planting enough doubt in the prosecutor’s mind that he or she starts to worry that they won’t get a conviction if they take the case to trial. When prosecutors lose in court, it’s something that is not only embarrassing for them, but also for the state of Arizona, and they try to avoid it at all costs. Our defense lawyers know this, and understand how to make the prosecutors doubt the strength of their case, and thus, they may reduce the charges or dismiss the case altogether.

The best criminal defense attorneys know how to persuade a judge or jury that the case against their client is weak and that a finding of not guilty is the only just result. Successful criminal attorneys can pick apart the State’s case with a very thorough cross-examination of police, eyewitnesses, and other government witnesses.

With our long history and vast experience in the courtroom, you can be sure that The Hogle Firm will always fight hard against the prosecutors, police, and witnesses who are seeking to press charges to our clients in court.

To properly defend a client in Arizona against serious criminal charges, a lawyer must be aggressive in negotiations pre-trial and at trial before a judge or jury. Many defense attorneys are reluctant or even fearful of the rigors of courtroom battle. Many are afraid to take a case to trial. Those lawyers develop such a reputation and prosecutors know it. These attorneys will fail to secure great deals for their clients because the prosecutors know that such attorneys-at-law want to avoid a trial. Our criminal defense lawyers have always fought to ensure the best outcome for their clients and loved one because we are always ready to battle at trial. Dana Hogle has had great success in both negotiations and at trial before a judge or jury in the past.

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I was able to save my drivers license!!
I had been pulled over without a reason and was given field sobriety test and a breathalyzer on the spot after I was pulled over by the Mesa police department. I passed everything. I was told they need to take my blood. I thought this was excessive, I mean I passed all the DUI tests why should I have to give my blood? I hadn’t broken any laws and there was. I reason for the Mesa cops to suspect me of being impaired while I was driving my car. Because I refused to give my blood I was now facing having my driver's license suspended for a year. I hired this DUI attorney in Mesa office and was able to make sure I didn’t lose my license. So happy I found them.
Terry Clemson | MESA, AZ
The thought of failing to protect my kids, and losing my ability to provide...
I didn’t have any real emotional problem or issues with my divorce. I can’t really say that about the child custody side of things. Staying emotionally sturdy through the child custody batter I found to be super difficult. The thought of failing to protect my kids, and losing my ability to provide them with what they need to succeed in life has been incredibly exhausting. My divorce lawyer really helped me to keep putting one foot in front of the other through what turned into a long battle because my ex wanted a 50/50 parenting plan so she could get out of paying any kind of support. I knew this was going to be an issue and I knew this would have been very bad for the kids. My team of lawyers protected my kids with every tool at their disposal and it's made such a difference. I suggest you give them a call as I did.
Linda Chapin | MESA, AZ
Not only did he help me recover from my injuries he helped me get an AWESOME SETTLEMENT.
I was in a car accident and didn't really want to hire an attorney. My previous experience with lawyers was not the best, and I just figured they were all the same. After getting pushed around by the other driver's insurance company I finally realized that I had better go see if I could find a good car accident attorney in Mesa (where I live). I was referred to Hogle Injury Law and I spoke with Chris. He was totally different than I had previously experienced in the past with personal injury attorneys. Chris helped me find doctors and physical therapy close to my house. Not only did he help me recover from my injuries he helped me get an AWESOME SETTLEMENT. I am so happy I used this car accident attorney. They really took care of me.
Sally Sageran | MESA, AZ
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