Christian Attorneys in Arizona

AZ Christian Attorneys in Arizona


Maintaining moral values throughout any high-stake legal matter requires more than just an attorney, let-alone Christian Attorneys. What you truly need are ‘wise men among you.’  At The Hogle Law Firm, this is exactly the environment cultivated with every case and each client.  Too often in the practice of law, ethical compromise is commonplace.  Clever manipulation of legal matters—even blatant dishonesty—is sometimes easily justified by those who do not value personal integrity.  The Hogle brothers all Christian Attorneys (Dana, Nate, and Thomas) were raised in a home where family, faith, and high moral integrity were taught from a young age.  “We are so lucky to have been raised and taught by great examples in my parents,” says Dana Hogle, the oldest sibling, and founder of The Hogle Law Firm.

“I didn’t really understand growing up just how difficult it can be to support a family and all the pressure.  My father experienced the fruits of financial success along with devastating setbacks.  But my as devout Christians my parents never wavered in their faith in God, and thanks to that example, I firmly believe that no amount of personal success is ever worth compromising.  Sticking to our value isn’t meant to be easy, but it always pays off in the long run.”  The Hogle Law Firm collectively strives to uphold those same moral values while providing the strongest possible legal protection and leverage.  We believe an honest and virtuous approach to all legal pursuits will result in the best long-term outcome for our clients.  Aligning our law practice with sound, Christian values has also created a favorable reputation with our legal peers and authorities of the courts.  The Hogle Law Firm will deliver top results while affording you peace of mind.

So whether your legal rights are jeopardized because of a criminal charge, a family trust is needed, if you’ve been injured in an accident or even going through a divorce, The Hogle Law firm is the best option in pursuit of protection while maintaining your faith and core belief system.  As 4th generation natives of the great state of Arizona, we view all local citizens as our neighbors and family.  So have faith, and give us a call right now.  Let us serve you. We have Christian Attorneys in Arizona that specializes in Criminal Defense, DUI, Divorce, Family Law, Car Accidents and Estate Planning.


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